girl.php php! php! php! not html! html! html! fix your links right this second!

now! now! now! no excuses! i don't like it anymore than you do! you knew this would happen sooner or later didn't you ... dastardly.

i am a placeholder. i hold the place. i hold places for noah. the theory is that he has made something that goes where i am. i get only this brief time in the sun. and then i go back to the hopeless darkness of non-linked existence. i am holding the place of a journal entry it would seem. dutifully holding it too. i live and breath only to take up space. it seems as though my future is grim. how unfortunate. with my links below i act as a temporary bridge. like the ones those army guys use on the commercials. noah used to have the bridge laying GI Joe vehicle when he was young. or so he tells me. sometimes when he feels pity for my useless placeholding ass he talks to me. it is the highlight of my days. well ... actually everyone looking at me makes me feel pretty good too, but that's too rare an occurence to really derive my sole enjoyment in life from. the saddest part of it all is how i'll ruthlessly and coldly be overwritten. noah won't even look at me before Dreamweaver callously replaces my bits. such is life. tis my function. i'm resigned to my fate; my life's not unkind. i don't mind.